Monday, 1 December 2014

Ted Baker 'Franny' Purse!

Hello! As we're approaching the Christmas season, I thought it might be helpful to do a review of my Ted Baker purse which I got for my birthday earlier on this year, in case any of you are considering adding it to your Christmas list but want to know a bit more about it before you make the splurge!

The purse is made of a shiny patent leather, with a really bold design that I think makes it instantly recognisable and looks so good. I'm not sure of the exact colour name but it's a pale mint that leans slightly more towards green than blue and has gold hardwearing. There's a pocket on the back with a leather tag attached to it and has the Ted Baker logo on the back. 

Inside, there is plenty of card slots - more than I could ever have imagined filling but I'm not doing too badly so far! There's also slots under the card spaces to put your notes. The background of the purse is a black and white floral design which I really wasn't expecting when I first opened it, but it's something Ted Baker tend to do with all of their products!

The purse has a bow clasp that has a mint jewel in the centre and it opens out like an accordion to make room to put your coins. As the purse is fairly wide (the width of an A4 page), there is plenty of room in here - I tend to end up chucking my junk train tickets and receipts in here!

So, now we get onto the things that I do not like about this purse -
1. How grubby it gets! I don't know how clearly you can tell by the photos, but I've ended up with pen marks etc on it which are hard to remove
2. The pocket - I originally loved the pocket because I thought it was a really convenient place to keep my door key, but I found out after a few weeks of using it there, that the key ring I had been using dented the leather and has now left a permanent mark, which I'm not too pleased about!
(I know I don't take the best of care for this purse as I'm constantly throwing it in and out of my school bag, but for the price, I would have hoped for it to be a bit more durable!)
3. This is the biggie - if you're a coin-carrier, this purse is not for you. That's because (as I've attempted to illustrate in the last picture) if you carry too many coins and it gets too wide, the clasp does not close properly and can open at any point in time, leaving you with a purse-full of change at the bottom of your bag! It can also happen when you're moving it about a lot and I've had to just seem to explode in my hand while I'm walking along and have to embarrassingly stop and pick up all of my change! 
To conclude, if you aren't someone who carries around a lot of change, this is a really lovely purse with a stylish design, lovely quality feel and comes in a vast range on colours depending on the season. However if you are someone who prefers to keep coins on you, I would recommend going for one of the purses that has a flap securing the clasp and poppers shut at the front (my mum has one of those and has never had the issues I've talked about here!) like this one
Franny Crystal Bow Matinee Purse is available from Ted Baker (£89)


  1. what a gorgeous purse! The colour of it is so pretty. I love Ted Baker :)

    I've got a mac lipstick giveaway on my blog if you want to take a look :)

    1. Thank you, I love it! My mum was the one who picked the colour but it is honestly perfect for me aha x


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