Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Christmas Jumper Edit

Oh what, another Christmas-related post? What a surprise!
As you may know, I'm working as an elf this holiday season and a lot of people come into visit wearing Christmas jumpers. I've even asked a couple of families where they got theirs because Christmas jumpers are my favourite item of clothing at this time of year (snuggly AND festive - who can blame me?!) and a surprising amount of them said they got theirs from Asda, so I decided to take a look!

Not only was I amazed by the variety of jumpers that Asda have as part of their George clothing line, but also that most of them have been created for the charity Save the Children and that 6% of the sales of the jumpers pictured would be sent to the charity!
Considering I am usually guilty of buying my jumpers from cheaper stores such as Primark which have slightly controversial manufacturing methods, it's really nice to have an alternative option where you can choose from a wide variety and still feel like you're doing a good deed this season.
Jumpers are available from Asda here and range from £10-£16, so they're still relatively affordable!
I would be lying if I said I'm not very tempted to get the Christmas tree one.. Or maybe the snowman one.. But then again the Team Santa one comes with a headband?! Ahh there's too much choice! Which one's your favourite?
(No, this post is not sponsored by Asda - I just think it's really great that they're doing such cute Christmas jumpers for great prices and donating money to charity!)


  1. love the reindeer jumper on the bottom left! they're all so cute!

    Tasha xx

    1. The giant one in the middle is my favourite, funnily enough! I've seen so many people at work wearing it and it's just so cute, I love the sparkly pompoms! x

  2. Oh my gosh I love them all! They are so cute

    1. I know! I think it's so great how they're so cute, affordable AND for charity! x


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