Saturday, 22 November 2014

14 Things for Christmas 2014

1. Christmas Trees
My Christmas tree goes up the first Sunday of December every year (which just so happened to be the 1st this year!) but since I work on Sundays now, it meant I'm going to miss out on decorating it. Which is actually quite fortunate, as it usually means fighting with my little sisters over where everything goes... Coming home to a pretty, lit-up tree is much more stressful! My family also decided to decorate our piano this year, which was a really cute touch.

2. Buying Presents
I like to consider myself to be the queen of presents *brushes shoulders*
No but seriously, we're just halfway through November and I think I have one person left to buy a present for. I started in September. I honestly think I love buying presents more than I do receiving them, and I swear I'm not just saying that to make myself sound better (which I'm definitely guilty of doing in the past!) Since getting a job and being able to fund the presents myself, I just love to be able to treat my family and friends and say thank you for everything they've done for me that year!

3. Wrapping Presents
This, I am not so good at, but I still love it! I have to ration out my wrapping because that, to me, is the ultimate point of feeling Christmassy - nothing beats it!

4. Christmas Songs
The first Christmas song I listen to each year is 30 Days by NeverShoutNever because I always listen to it when it is thirty days before Christmas (obviously) and I think that's a good time to start getting excited about it. A few of my other favourite Christmas songs include Fairytale of New York by The PoguesBaby It's Cold Outside but the version by the Glee Cast and Pennies From Heaven by Louis Prima (which I'm not sure is strictly a Christmas song but it always reminds me of Elf)
Oh, and the whole of Michael Bublé's Christmas album. Duh.

5. Santa's Sleigh
I've never heard of anywhere else doing this, but where I live, every year since before my dad was a kid during December, Santa's sleigh comes around all of the estates in my town blasting out Christmas Carols and people collecting money for charities. It's always been my favourite night of the year when it comes to my house but also, my dad works away a lot so he tends to miss it so we've set up a tradition that we drive around with our windows open, trying to listen out for Santa. It's such a lovely way to spend the evening!

6. Colouring
I'm not sure if this is just because of the fact that there's still little kids in my family or what, but December becomes the month of crafts in my house. We don't do anything spectacular, but be sure to expect to be overwhelmed with the sight of paper chains if you ever enter our house around this time. The main thing we do, however, is colouring. This year, my mum even bought a 'colour-in tablecloth' which she has no intention of actually using as a tablecloth, but she's left it on our dining room table for the past week or so and we just colour in the festive pictures whenever we want. Another thing that I actually bought for myself was a colour-in advent calendar, which is making me the envy of my whole family. Mwahah.

7. Christmas Movies
I'm under the strong impression that if you don't hold Christmas films fondly in your heart, you don't have one. They're impossible not to love. Personal favourites of mine include ElfMiracle on 34th Street (1994 version) and The Santa Clause for the children's films and Love Actually and The Holiday if you're looking for something a bit more grown up! I'm not sure where it would fit but Nativity! is another one of my favourites if you're looking for a bit of both.

8. Vlogmas
If I didn't go to school, I would do Vlogmas. There's something so magical about documenting the run-up to Christmas and sharing it with others. Watching Vlogmas videos is a big part of my routine in December and I'm really excited to see which YouTubers will be doing it this year!

9. Beauty Products
There's something so magical about the make up and nail polish that gets used at Christmas. Everything is sparkly and berry coloured and beautiful. Plus, the odds are you'll get some new products for Christmas so it's all brand new and you're scared to ruin it so it's treated like a little angel child. Something about it all makes me so happy!

10. Food
...Do I need to elaborate? Not just the Christmas dinner and the mountain of chocolate that you get as presents that you just about have finished by Easter, but in my family we always have the biggest Boxing Day buffets you can imagine. I'd better get to the gym for the next month or so - I'm going to put on about 3 stone in a week!

11. Candles
My all-time favourite (and sadly discontinued!) Christmas candle is Red Berry and Cedar from Yankee Candle. It's not too spicy, not too sweet - you get the smell of berries and of woods all in one go. I recently finished my second large jar of it and had to order myself a third before they all get sold and no more get made. Excuse me while I go cry, I'm far too emotionally attached to that scent.

12. Pyjamas
The only time of year I ever bother to wear matching pyjamas is at Christmas. In fact, I think at least 80% of my pyjama drawer is made up of Christmas pyjamas (most of which have reindeers on) because they're just so warm and cosy. If I'm honest, I wear them all year round!

13. Presents
Let's be honest here, we all like presents. I would be lying if I did this list and didn't include presents. I love the thrill of trying to get clues from your parents of what they've got you. We have a little Christmas tree upstairs where we each have one Christmas Eve present and this year, all of our presents are exactly the same so that's making the suspense even worse! Unwrapping stocking presents on my parents' bed and getting the same selection box and chocolate orange each year - I just love it all!

14. Spending Time With My Family
Last, but certainly not least! I'm fully aware that the next month or so is going to get absolutely mental with school and my personal life, but it means that when everything quietens down about the 21st, I can chill at home with my family and get all excited for Christmas with the kids and eek I'm just so excited for it!

So that's it! Let me know in the comments what's your favourite things about Christmas?


  1. I have a little brother and sister who still believe in santa (well my sister's in her last year of primary school so she's probably skeptical) and it's so much fun! Their excitement is contagious :) And I loved watching Zoe's (Zoella) vlogmas last year, it totally got me in the christmas mood - might go rewatch some of them now...

    Love that you're blogging again ^.^ x

    1. I know what you mean, I have two sisters and a brother under the age of 10 so Christmas is still so magical in my house! Although I must admit that last year I woke up earlier than any of them on Christmas Day because I was so excited ;) Vlogmas starts again next Monday ahhh I'm so excited!!
      Thankyou, I'm glad to have someone remember my previous attempt (I'm joking, I'm hoping this attempt will be a lot more enjoyable and successful aha!) x

  2. Christmas starts for me as soon as my birthday is over! I love the whole Christmas vibe, everyone's so jolly and full of life and spirit. My favourite thing about Christmas is that great sense of community that you get. I love that everyone kind of bands together to make it a truly magical occasion.
    Love this post xx

    1. I know what you mean! I really dislike people who don't get into the Christmas spirit because I take it really personally and like they're purposefully trying to spoil the whole atmosphere of the season - although the likelihood is that they aren't :P Thank you very much! x


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