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Hello everyone! I'm Megan, pleasure to meet you.
I'm an 18 year old girl from the South-West of England, just trying to figure out what makes the world tick and what makes me happy.
I would love to tell you about my strict blogging schedule and the routine I have but if I'm entirely honest, it would be a lie! Some days, you may end up getting several posts at once and some you won't have any at all.
People are often confused about my Uni/work situation - between January and June, I am living at home and working full time for a large accounting firm working in Audit and then between June and December, I am going to University of Birmingham and will be finishing my first/starting my second year. I'm more than happy to explain if you have any further queries - just ask!
I like to talk about products that I’ve been using, books I’ve been reading, what I’ve been wearing – all sorts. I’ve also done a lot of post about things that have been important to me, such as donating my hair to the little princess trust or passing my driving test.
My main aim for this blog is to give myself something to look back on and smile at in a few years' time and remember fondly how my life is at the moment, so expect all sorts of bits and bobs to pop up.
(I would just like to apologise in advance for the excessive amounts of exclamation marks I use all the time - I'm quite a peppy person when I write!)
I hope you enjoy reading and finding out a little more about me. I’d love for you to leave some comments so I could find out about you too! x

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