Saturday, 20 December 2014

15 Festive Favourites!

The lovely Lou from LouleeCutie recently did this tag and nominated all of the BeauBloggers, so I decided to do it!

What is your favourite...

Festive food
Anyone who doesn't answer with Pigs in Blankets (unless they're vegetarian I suppose..) is lying! Sometimes for dessert we have Forest Fruits Strudel with Custard which is so nice. Plus if we're talking other food as well, nothing can beat a Chocolate Orange!

We have real reindeer at work and my favourite is the baby one who doesn't have a name yet but it's really cute

Day Of Christmas
It's got to be the first day - the Partridge in the Pear tree! Did you know that there's 364 presents given in that song - enough for every day of the year except for Christmas Day!

Christmas Song
As someone from an Irish background, nothing can beat The Pogues' Fairytale of New York!

Christmas Present
Two years ago I was fortunate enough to receive the MacBook Pro that I am typing this post on as a present and I still love it so much! I don't really think I've ever gotten a present that has been more well-loved or well-used!

Christmas Film
I've actually done a post about my favourite Christmas films here

Christmas Cracker Toy
Last week I went to a Christmas party and I got a mini pack of cards from a cracker - I thought that was quite cool

Christmas Cracker Joke
What did Father Christmas do when he went speed dating?
He pulled a cracker!

My mum has ceramic hearts and stars made with all of our names on last Christmas which we've hung on the Christmas again this year, so probably those! In general, I don't think you can get anything more festive than fairy lights though, they make everything seem so much more magical

Candle Scent
My absolute favourite Yankee Candle is Red Berry and Cedar but it's sadly been discontinued, but I also really like the Vanilla and Cranberry candle from Wax Lyrical

Christmas Advert
As someone who doesn't really watch tv on an actual tv, I don't really see many adverts! I have seen the Sainsbury's one and really enjoyed that one though

Festive Tradition
My family have really weird traditions and I may even do a whole separate post about them but I think my favourite one is that we have a small, pink Christmas tree on our landing where we each have one present that we can open on Christmas Eve

Place To Spend Christmas
At home with my family!

Festive Fact
Carrots make reindeer hyper, so you should only ever feed them carrots on Christmas Eve so that they have enough energy to fly around the world!

Snowman Accessory
Well I love his nose but that's hardly an accessory! So I guess it's got to be a big cosy scarf


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