Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas Colour-in Puzzles Tablecloth!

On Saturday, I spent the day helping my mum run a stall at the Christmas market at my little sister's school. It was a really cute little affair with lots of independent, local businesses running stalls, so of course we had to do a bit of shopping!

Today I thought I'd do a little review of one of the more festive products that we bought - a colour-in tablecloth with Christmas puzzles all over.

We had one of these last Christmas and really loved it, except we (I am using the royal we here - I mean my mum!) bought the plain colouring one, rather than puzzles too.
Personally, I have the biggest soft spot for colouring and it's one of my favourite things to do with my little sisters at this time of the year!

The paper that this tablecloth is made from is really good quality - after doing a lot of colouring using gel pens, there's been no holes made and it seems to still be intact after a few days with my family! There's a huge variety of different images - everything from Santa to crackers, presents to potatoes (??? I don't know either but they're quite cute!) and there really is something that everyone wants to colour themselves.
My only real issue with this tablecloth (which doesn't really bother me, but it's worth pointing out in case you're interested in buying it!) is that the puzzles are a bit few and far between. If you're buying this as a family puzzle to do together, you would be disappointed I think, but it's a fun little bonus if you're interested in the colouring side of things.
I would definitely recommend this as a bit of an early gift to a family or some children that you're close to, as you really can use it anywhere. Folded up, it's smaller than your average colouring book so it's quite portable, but when it's folded out, it could easily cover a table!
(Oh and as a very stressed teenager, I can vouch that this is wonderfully therapeutic so it doesn't just have to be a present for kids!)
The Christmas Colour-in Puzzle Tablecloth is available from your local Phoenix Trading trader! One of my mum's friends is a trader and we got ours for only £5.50 - perfect for a stocking filler!

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