Monday, 29 December 2014

Japonesque Eye Lash Curlers

I plan on doing a review on most of the beauty products that I got for Christmas after I've had a chance to have a little play around with them but I didn't even need to give this product more than one try to know that I love it! 

These are the Japonesque Power Curl Eyelash Curlers. My mum was very confused about why I had a pair of eyelash curlers on my Christmas list but I was just curious to try them out! Like I said, so far I am so impressed with them. I went downstairs with my eyelashes curled and no mascara on and my mum didn't realise that I didn't have any mascara on! (just bear in mind I have dark eyelashes so I don't need mascara for the colour) There was a really big difference between my eyelashes curled vs not curled and I was really impressed. They kept the curl all day long and looked so lovely and long! 

The curlers are very robust feeling, which you'd hope they would be at a whopping £20 for a pair, which is crazy when you compare it to my last pair which were from Asda! I didn't purchase these myself as they were a Christmas present from my mum, but I would definitely repurchase them if I needed to. One thing that I am really impressed with is that Japonesque offer to send you free refill pads for however long you have the eyelash curlers - who doesn't love free stuff?! I've been on their website and had a go - it seems very simple to order a new pair of pads as all you need to do is enter your model code and your address and you're sorted!

Have you ever tried a pair of high end eyelash curlers? Did you think they were worth the money or not?


  1. I got their brushes to go kit and I am not a fan! A lot of people love this brand but I have just not had luck with them.Have you tried any of their brushes?

    1. I've never tried anything from them before, sorry! It's a shame you were disappointed by the brushes :( what was it about them? x


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