Friday, 1 September 2017

What I've Been Loving Lately #3

This mini series has been around on my blog for a while now - rather than do a monthly favourites post, I do a little one every so often talking about some of the things that I've been enjoying recently (mostly food, TV shows and more food):

dodie's EP 'You'
This EP has officially been my revision 'playlist' this year. I keep switching between instrumentals and soft pop and house music but I always end up coming back to this. It's a mixture of soft and upbeat and I think by now I know every word to every song. And I'm not usually the biggest dodie fan to be honest with you

My New Lamp
I'm not going to include a picture of the lamp in this post but it's this one. You can adjust (via touch screen, this is the future) the strength of the light and also the temperature so it can be cooler toned in the day and warmer at night. It also has a USB port in the back so you can charge your phone from it and the head can be adjusted depending on where you need the light. Basically, it does everything that you didn't even need a lamp to do, would 10/10 recommend

Denim Skirt
There was a girl on my uni course who started wearing a denim skirt to lectures every day and it seemed so effortless that I had to be a sheep and get one too. I think I ended up getting the exact same one as her because god bless Asos (link here) and low and behold, I've been wearing it most days too. It's just so easy to chuck it on with a striped t-shirt or a jumper, and you're sorted for the day. I got the multipack with the black skirt too although I can't find that option online anymore and I'll be honest, I haven't worn the black one since trying it on to see if it fits... So maybe just go for the blue on its own!

This is quite a niche recommendation because it only applies if you're in certain parts of Birmingham or Bristol, but Yakinori is a Japanese restaurant a bit like Wagamamas, but it's so much cheaper and I do think I prefer the food from there. There's a branch round the corner from our campus and a Chicken Katsu Curry is only £5 to take away... I'd be lying if I said I haven't been living off them this summer!

I've been able to do basic knitting and crochet since I was about 7 years old when I learnt at school and used to sit doing it with my heavily pregnant mum while she made baby blankets for my soon to be sister (and the two that followed). But in terms of actually expanding that skill, I don't think my abilities have changed since then, despite picking up the odd project or two over the years. I had no ideal how to purl or to double crochet, but my little sister recently inspired me to pick up my needles again and I've been learning new stitches ever since. I'm currently in the process of making this blanket for said little sister for Christmas in a blue/purple/green colour scheme and even though I've yet to do the actual tail part, I'm really impressed with how it's turning out so far.

Colour-In Pukka Pad
Let's continue with the craft theme that makes me sound like a 90 year old woman. I was looking for a new project book for all of my revision notes as I like to have them all in one place. I conveniently have 5 exams this month and there's 5 sections to most project books, so it works well for me. I've been using Pukka Pads for years as I'm sure most students in the UK have been, but I was stupidly excited when I found this one in my campus' student shop a few weeks ago. It has 6 card covers that are in a black and white design that you can colour in yourself, and a strip at the bottom of every page for if you get bored. I personally haven't been using the strip on the pages and don't think I will any time soon, but colouring in the covers is really good when I'm watching videos for my revision, as I like having something to do with my hands and it's better than playing games on my phone...

Chocolate and Coconut
The fascination started at the beginning of the summer when my friends would go to Starbucks for a coffee every day, and as someone who doesn't drink coffee and refuses to pay £2 for a tea bag and hot water when I have plenty at home, I thought I'd go for a hot chocolate, but with coconut milk to avoid the heavy dairy feeling afterwards. This was then followed by the Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream from Aldi. So good. I'm not the biggest chocolate ice cream fan because I find it too rich, but the coconut tones it down quite a lot. Personally I don't think the hot chocolate or the ice cream are overpoweringly coconut-y, but I have friends who don't like coconut and don't like these, so maybe one to avoid if you're not a fan.

Gilmore Girls
I know I mentioned this in my last post in this series. I KNOW. But I watched it again last summer - all 6 seasons in a month. And it was even better. I honestly think this might actually be my favourite TV show ever, which is a bold claim for me. To put things into perspective, I fell out with a friend earlier in the summer and then unblocked his number so that I could drunk text him to tell him to 'just f*&£$ing watch Gilmore Girls, it's the least you can do', so there's that.  It deserves to be repeated.

Is this what alcoholism feels like? Admitting to loving a drink online?
I've been drinking a lot more over the past few months. It hasn't been an intentional choice, but I think as you get older and your friends get older, there becomes more opportunities/excuses to have a drink, and that has been the past few months for me. There's a pub that has a specialty gin menu round the corner from us at uni so of course I had to sample a few when we went, and it's been my go-to drink ever since. On the other end of the scale, I also really like the premixed can of Gin and Rose Lemonade from Sainsbury's if you're looking for a quite drink without the faff

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