Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Dear House

Thank you for being our home for the past 9 years.

Although we designed you every step of the way and moulded you to be exactly what we needed, you took on a personality of your own and became part of our family. You are the backdrop for all our family's memories for the past decade, and I can't think of anywhere better to have been.

I will miss your cosy corners and your open spaces. I will miss laying in bed listening to the rain on the attic windows. I will miss yelling over the bannister instead of walking down the two flights of stairs.

I will miss being surrounded by so many years of happy memories.

Will you be glad for a family who don't insist on moving bedrooms every year? Will they be young, like Maddie, who said her first words and took her first steps in you? Will they build shelves to fill with books, like me and Ellie, who can read for hours at a time? Will they create a sick gaming set up, like Jamie, who loves to be creative? Will they move away but come back again every year, like Tom, to be with his family?

Perhaps just a family with less spillages and messes and accidents? I bet their son won't spill Iodine down your stairs after Ten Tors like Tom did. Nor will they have a dog who won't stop digging holes in your garden like Bailey. I bet they'll actually use the hot tub more as well, which we always forgot to do.

But will they carry on our traditions? Will they put up a tacky pink Christmas tree on the landing in December, and forget to take it down until months later? Will they squabble over who gets to park where on the enormous drive? Will they continue to be The Best Decorated House for Halloween for the past 9 years? Will they fill the kitchen with the scent of freshly baked brownies (following the recipe from Usborne Farmyard Tales Cookbook, a Christmas present from 15 years ago)? Will they let friends into their lives and their home with open arms, like we have done with Stefan and Eliz and Jordan and Betsie? Will there be another Betsie?!

What if they put a TV in your kitchen, or wear shoes on your carpet? What if they dig up the trees that we planted 10 years ago, and are still waiting to grow? What if they don't learn the knack on your bathroom door and get locked in like Sophie did? What if Bella the Bunny comes to take solace under the Wendy House and they don't feed her apple slices?

Will they get annoyed at the leaves of the trees covering your garden in a copper blanket? Will the church bells wake them up every Sunday morning? Will they figure out how to stop people blocking your drive with their cars on market day? Will they remember to turn your heated floors on in the winter? Will they have green fingers and continue Maddie's vegetable patch, or feed the birds David has spent years encouraging to come visit us?

I hope you continue to be a home of love and laughter. I hope Christmas continues to be a ridiculous affair. And Easter. And Halloween. I hope you provide comfort and protection to your residents through heartache and sadness, and a place to celebrate through happiness.

I became an adult in this house. You've seen me through starting secondary school, countless exams and results and job interviews, with nothing but good luck coming my way. I only hope that you can continue to share this with your new residents.

Love from,
A girl who is very grateful for the house she grew up in.

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