Sunday, 12 July 2015

Week in Pictures #6

1: On our terrace there were rocking chairs that were the cosiest little things you could imagine, I've spent many evenings watching the world go by from up here! 
2: Mum and I have a little balcony and I couldn't resist taking a picture of the view at night 
3: We bought an inflatable Dolphin and mum managed to catch a picture of me riding it... I look so pale! 
4: My nana looked after my younger brother and sisters one evening so mum and I could go out for a meal together, it was lovely! 
5: We've played cards pretty much every night so far. Wish I could say I've been winning... 
6: Picture of the pool and a bit of the view! 
7: Sleepy cuddles in the evening for mum with my two little sisters and my little brother in the corner 
8: These sorbet ice lollies were my favourites as a kid on holiday and we found some at a restaurant - I couldn't resist!

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