Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Sighh Designs Phone Case

For those of you who follow @pollyvdsz on Twitter, you may know about her online shop Sighh Designs and her cute phone cases. I've seen them all over Instagram for years - I even remember when she made a personalised one for Velvetgh0st that people could buy - but it wasn't until she closed her shop over Christmas that I decided I finally wanted to take the plunge and buy one. As usual, the heart wants what it can't have!

I originally decided that I was going to buy the Loopy Loop case and start to be a little bit mature with my phone cases but then on the day of her relaunch she released a new design, and, well....

This is the Hot Chocolate case, on my Gold 5S. As you can see, and as the name describes, it's based all around the loveliness that is a good cup of hot chocolate - marshmallows and whipped cream included! The main colours of the case are white, cream, black, light blue, dark blue and pink and I just think it makes for a gorgeous combination! Who needs to be sophisticated when you can have a phone case this adorable?
The back is a complete print, rather than a pattern printed onto a white case. This means that the back has a bit of a texture which is weird to adjust to at first after having gone from a completely shiny case but I don't even notice it now after a few days of having it. The only thing that does worry me is the potential of the pattern flaking off, as the case underneath it is clear so it would be quite noticeable if that were to happen! However one of the girls from my school has a case from Sighh and hers hasn't worn too badly so mine should be okay hopefully!

As previously mentioned, the case underneath is clear so from the front and sides, you can't tell what the back looks like, which I suppose can be a good thing if I need to pretend to be mature! Obviously I can only really speak for my phone here but the case fits it perfect and allows for easy access to all your buttons/camera etc. It doesn't wrap around completely to the front, which I only really like with silicone cases, so even though that would be more protective, that's not really an issue for me.
In general, I'm really liking this case so far and I've gotten a lot of compliments about how cute it is! I may need to upgrade to one a bit less winter-y as we head into spring but oh well, for now it is doing the job perfectly!

The Hot Chocolate Case is available from Sighh Designs and costs £14
What case do you have on your phone at the moment?


  1. This looks like such a nice quality phone case and it is REALLY CUTE! I love the fact the sides are clear, I'll have to check these out! Thanks you :)

    Karis Xx

    1. Well I've had it for over a week now (in which time I've definitely battered it around!) and it's still going strong! Polly's got some really lovely designs on her store, good luck deciding haha! x

  2. Thats sooo cute! I just have a boring blue silicone case at the moment, so I might have to treat myself to one of these!!!
    Emily xx
    Emily May Designs

    1. I had a Christmas one until the middle of January - at least yours is always seasonally appropriate ;) x

  3. this phone case is the cutest and is perfect for your phone for the colder months haha!

    1. I know, I love it! I may have to pick up another one a bit closer to the summer time though haha!


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