Saturday, 31 January 2015

January 2015

I'm thinking of starting something new on here where I take a picture of my calendar at the end of every month and talk about some of the noteworthy things that happened to me this month - what do you guys think?

Just in case you're curious, my calendar lives above the radiator next to my bed, so I can see it at the beginning and end of everyday - that way I don't have an excuse to forget something! The calendar itself is by Rob Ryan, an artist who works with papercraft to create some absolutely beautiful designs and they all have beautiful messages behind them! January's says 'and even though I know we dreamed the same dreams, I still wish that we had known each other as children'

3rd: My brother and his girlfriend came home from travelling!
4th: (For some reason this isn't on the calendar?) We're having one of our friends' dog come to stay with us for a few months and he arrived on the 4th! He's a little sausage dog named Bilbo and I love him a lot
5th: Since my brother was away for Christmas Day, we had a second one on the 5th and I much preferred it to the first!
15th: I knew I had a public speaking competition to go to so I popped to see one of my best friends since he lived near the venue, and as we were walking to get there, someone threw a milkshake out of their car window and it went all over my suit skirt! I was absolutely mortified but luckily it miraculously didn't show up once it had dried so I didn't look too stupid!
20th: One of my best friends' 18th birthdays! Our group of friends had every intention of going out for a McDonalds at lunch in her car ...Until we realised she'd left the lights on all day and the battery had gone flat! Needless to say she won't be forgetting her birthday anytime soon, and I now know how to jumpstart a car!
23rd: My parents were away for the weekend so I decided to invite my friends over for the night - we ate £90's worth of Dominos (but only spent £40 thanks to some brilliant deals!) and spent the evening in the hot tub and belting along to Mamma Mia! My idea of a perfect night in
29th: Sadly my Elf job ended on December 24th (obviously!) but this work party was the perfect way to say goodbye to everyone! Less of a Christmas party and more of a 'Thank God It's No Longer Christmas' party but it was a great night of lots of food, laughter and some bowling too!
31st: Today! I will be honest with you here, this post has been scheduled in advanced because I knew I was busy today at a regional final for the public speaking competition I did with the whole milkshake fiasco, remember? It's for the Business and Professional Women in the UK and obviously I can't say much more about it than that now, because it's probably happening as you are reading this! Wish me luck!

So that's my month in review! Obviously there have been other bits and bobs that I've skimmed over, but these have been the most noteworthy things for me.
What has happened to you this month? Do you like the idea of this series?


  1. I love this idea! It's great. I was thinking of doing a monthly inspiration review; of everything that has inspired me or motivated me within the month.

    Great blog, just liked this on Bloglovin x

    1. Thanks lovely! I think that's a really good idea :) x

  2. Lovely post!!! I really like the design of your calander.
    I really like this as a series, Gives a bit of an insight in your life :)


    1. Thank you! It was a Christmas present and I love it :) I wasn't sure if people would like this series or not but it seems like they do! x

  3. WOW! I really LOVE this post idea! xx


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