Thursday, 1 January 2015


2014 was a huge year for me. Huge. It wasn't a particularly great year, but a whole load of important things happened to me and my life certainly wouldn't be the same if they hadn't! I'm so grateful to everyone who has entered my life in the past year and I'm sad to see most of the people who have left it go. As a person, I've grown up and matured more than I would have ever imagined, which I hope is a good thing! 

At this age, I feel like every year comes with a lot of challenges and rewards, but the year ahead is going to be on a whole new level. So, to go with all the big scary new ventures ahead of me, I thought I'd talk about some of the things I've got to look forward to!

1: Seeing Wicked
I was fortunate enough to receive tickets to go and see Wicked in Bristol in February and I'm dragging my best friend Sophie along for the ride. She's the one who really got me into musicals and stage shows, so I thought it was only right! Last year, I got to see Matilda and Les Mis so I'm hoping to expand into a few more this year too! 

2: Being able to drive
I've got my driving test booked in already (for an undisclosed date because I don't want to have to post on here about failing if I do!) and I am so excited to have passed. I have a little car that I share with my older brother sat on the drive ready for the day I pass. Honestly, the thing I'm most looking forward to is being able to drive to school by myself and just have a bit of peace and quiet in the mornings/afternoons without having to stress about public transport! 

3: My 18th Birthday!
I think the idea of turning 18 is actually a really scary one but so many other people have managed to survive it, so I guess I can too! I'm not quite sure I'm ready to be a legal adult yet but oh well, I'll give it my jolly best shot. As my birthday isn't until June, I'm sure I'll be counting down the hours closer to the time - when all of my friends have turned 18 and start going out to clubs without me! I'm not even a huge fan of drinking, but I won't appreciate being left out!

4: Prom
As I'm Head Girl, I have a large part in the organisation of our prom this year, so the idea of it is filling me with dread a little bit. But ultimately, I know it'll get sorted and I'll have a brilliant time once I'm there - aside from all the tears about having to leave my year behind, that is! They really are a lovely bunch and I'll miss them a lot (okay Megan let's stop getting emotional..)

*completely ignores the presence of results day in the calendar*

5: Moving out!
I adore my family. Absolutely love them to bits and pieces. But if I'm honest, I cannot wait to move out! If all goes well at the end of this school year, I might well be only going to uni part-time (it's a long, complicated story!) so I will only be moving out for half of the year, but I'm still super excited for it! Maybe not having to cook and clean for myself, but living around other people my own age is something I'm really looking forward to!

For now, that's the top 5 things I've got planned that I'm excited for this year, although I'm sure many more adventures will be thrown my way, and of course I'll keep you all updated with them! 
What are you looking forward to in 2015?


  1. Happy New Year, sounds like you'll have lots of fun in 2015 xxx

    1. Thanks! Going to be a bit of a crazy one but it should be good :) x

  2. Happy new year! Good luck with your resolutions, I hope you succeed with them all:) x
    Check out my resolutions -

    Megan xx

    1. Thanks Megan! Good luck with your resolutions aha x

  3. Happy New Year Megan!! Your year seems so eventful! I hope it's everything you want :)

    niamh /

    x x

    1. I've got so much to 'look forward to' and by that I mean dread aha! Thank you, I hope you have a good year too :) x

  4. Happy New Year! Good luck with your driving test - I'm 20 an still haven't got round to doing mine haha! xx

    1. Thank you! I live in a pretty rural area so I'd be pretty screwed if I wasn't learning to drive aha x


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