Monday, 12 October 2015

Moving to University!

If you saw my Results Day post from August, you may have guessed why I've taken such a long break from blogging recently - I moved to university! It's been a crazy month filled with a lot more booze and less sleep than my body is used to, so it's been a bit of an adjustment!
I live in a flat with two other girls and three boys where we all have our own en suites but we share a kitchen/living area. I love all of my flatmates, especially the girl who lives on the otherside of my bedroom wall who is honestly one of the best people I have met so far since coming here, but in general I live with a very lovely bunch. We tend to spend quite a lot of time together in our kitchen, no matter the time of day - I've had many a chat with them that lasted until 4am!

As my course is slightly different, we are only at uni until December and then we come back in June and stay until December so we don't get the full 'typical uni experience' - but we got to have Freshers at least! Because of the different schedules, my entire building is filled with people who are also on my course, which is really convenient as it means you really can't forget to go to any lectures. It also means we don't really have a lot of choice but to all be friends since we have to spend so much time together, so the 30 or-so of us all get on really well and have formed quite a close-knit little group. This weekend, on Saturday some of us went Go Karting and on Sunday some others went to Prezzo for dinner. There's a huge variety of characters among us but we all get on so well, I love it! It really confuses me how regular Uni students manage to make friends though...

Despite the fact that we've been here a month on Thursday, I still don't feel like our course has actually started! Over the past few weeks we've been split into groups and sent on a residential activity course up in the Lake District, so a lot of our lectures and seminars have been cancelled as a result and we've not been given any assignments or anything to do. Very odd, when I'm talking to my friends from home who started much later than me and sound like they're swamped with work already! Going up to Coniston was an... Interesting experience shall we say! There was a lot of moaning about early mornings, creaking bunk beds and having to do manual labour whilst we were there but to be honest most of that didn't bother me. The issue for me was having to do some canoeing, which if you know me, you'll know that I am really rather scared of boats but I survived for an hour and a half and didn't scream once, which is something that I am stupidly proud of myself for. It was really nice to be integrated with other people on the regular accounting course and learn more about them and as there are a lot of international students, a lot about their different cultures too so I suppose all in all, I'm glad we went!

In regards to general chores etc, cooking hasn't been an issue for me - I'm one of those people who just sort of makes it up as I go along but *touch wood* it's been fine up until now! Last weekend I even cooked a Sunday Roast for my whole flat which seemed to go down quite well. Although that being said, I've probably had more takeaways than anyone else on my floor because I'm just too easily persuaded. The washing machines here seem stupidly expensive so I've tried to limit the amount of washing I do (without being unhygienic!) but what I have done seems to have been okay. I even gave my bathroom a really deep clean last week and us girls of the flat tend to do sporadic cleans of the kitchen too.

I'm trying to write down as many of my thoughts as possible about my first few weeks here because I know I'll want to look back on this in years to come, but to be honest I can't think of a lot else other than although it's been very manic, I'm having an amazing time and feel so fortunate to be here and be surrounded by so many lovely people!


  1. Sounds exciting! All the best babe♥♥

  2. Sounds like you're having such a great time, and it's awesome that you're living with lots of other people on your course. Do you mind me asking what course you're doing, as I've never met anyone who's course ran until December then from June till Dec :)

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. all sounds very exciting! definitely keep us updated! xx

  4. Ahh, how exciting, Megan! University must be incredibly eventful, but how odd that your course runs on that schedule. What course are you doing? Living with so many people will scare the heck out of me but it's wonderful that you're all getting along fine. Have fun at university, and good luck, Megan!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  5. Good luck at uni - its a huge adjustment moving away, but all good fun!

  6. Amazing post dear! You have a wonderful blog:)
    What about following each other on Instagram, Bloglovin, Twitter?.. :)

  7. Well done on getting into uni! When I was at uni I was in a building of just people on my course (and similar courses) and everyone ended up being so close!

    Kirstie |


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