Sunday, 28 June 2015

Week in Pictures #4

1: I had my last ever exam and thus my last time having to wear my school uniform! 
2: Ended up going a tad overboard with Glasto shopping - 6 bags of food alone... 
3: It's not Glasto if you don't end up with major hay fever and covered in Glitter! 
4 and 6:  Some of the photos of the stages I took were stunning so I just had to put them in! 
5: Me and Rebecca were reunited with our best friend Antonia and had to take a selfie to prove it of course 
7: On our last night, we trecked up to the Glastonbury sign and it looked so pretty all lit up! 
8: I met up with my little brother who went with family friends to watch his guitar teacher play a set 
9: I never did figure out what the big tower was or what it did, but it sure was pretty and a good landmark!

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