Sunday, 21 June 2015

Week in Pictures #3

1: As you can tell from my 'My 18th Birthday!' post, that was the main event of the week!
2: On the Friday night, we all got dressed out and went clubbing in Bath for the first time as a group!
3: Typical Megan dropping her phone and smashing the screen on her birthday... 
4: I will never not be terrified of this photo.
5: This photo is my only acknowledgement that I had exams that week. They will never be spoken of again. especially C4 
6: If you've read my birthday post you'll know we did this to my brother's door on his 18th too - crazy to think that was 5 years ago! 
7: As well as being my birthday this week, it was also my best friend Tonicha's! It was like a week of endless celebrations 
8: Photos of me and my stepdad are very rare and this one always makes me giggle so I had to share it! 

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