Sunday, 26 April 2015

Dead Ends

A little while ago, I saw that Fleur from WishesandTea was starting up a Bloggers' Book Club and I decided to join in! Evidently I've not been a very good member as this post is 10 days late but it wasn't actually reading the book that delayed me, but finding time to sit down and write this post! The first book we decided to read as a group is a YA Novel called Dead Ends by Erin Lange.

The book follows two boys, Dane and Billy D. Dane is seen to be a typical bully with a short temper, who lashes out at the person nearest to him, but we learn early on in the novel that he would never hit a 'retard', which he considers Billy D to be. 
I really liked the way that this book challenged stereotypes - not only does it show the kind of discrimination those with learning disabilities unfairly have to experience, there is also a female character - Seeley - who is always on her skateboard and is great with mechanics, although Lange still gives her a bit of a feminine edge.
The plot of this book is largely based on riddles and maps and reminded me in that sense of Paper Towns by John Green which if I'm honest, isn't exactly my favourite book in the world, but if you enjoyed that one then I think you will enjoy this one too.
One thing I did think was very cute about the publishing of this book is that in the bottom right hand corner there is a little stickman and it turns into an animation of him running when you flip through the pages. I think it sums up quite accurately the way that everyone in this book is running - either to or away from something.
In general, I really enjoyed reading a book which accurately describes a character with learning difficulties and doesn't try to 'romanticise' the situation, but Lange still made it accessible for teens to read it easily.

Have you read Dead Ends before? Are you interested in joining the Bloggers' Book Club? Let me know!


  1. A bloggers bookclub sounds like such good fun! :D and definitely something I'd be interested in. Where do I find out more info?/sign up? x

    1. Hi Jess! If you go to the Twitter account @BloggerBookBuzz, there will be info posted on there as things progress! x

  2. Sounds great! I need to get reading


  3. Aw, I loved the little running man as well!

    Fleur |

  4. actually such an awesome idea!

    Jasmine Ward |


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