Thursday, 30 April 2015

April 2015

And so, another month has passed! I feel like April had a lot more going on than I've got written on my calendar but I don't think there's much missing from it... It was a pretty crazy time though so let's get going!

This month's image says:
"Stars and planets are held in place by the power of gravity and the tiny nucleus of an atom cannot live without its fellow protons and neutrons. The leaf cannot survive away from its tree just as much as the tree needs the soil in which it lives. When the part becomes separated from the whole, it withers and dies.
If everything in the universe is connected to each other, then why not us too?"
Not really the most cheery of his captions but I do really love the idea of interconnected-ness!

1st: My youngest sister's 7th birthday!
4th: My other little sister's birthday, and also the day when my parents took the children skiing for a week, leaving me and my older brother with our grandparents - and a bit of peace and quiet!
8th: My Nana needed to go home so then it was just me, my brother and his girlfriend in the house! We ended up making an Oreo cheesecake at midnight which we thought turned out to be a disaster but we woke up the next day to find it to be delicious!
9th: My brother's girlfriend ended up with a flat tyre so we spent the day trying to run around and sort her out a new one (she lives in London and her parents were away on holiday so we weren't sure what we were meant to be doing!) but in the end it was sorted, and we went to go and see Cinderella to celebrate! Yes, we're 17 and 23. Shh.
10th: I ended up going to school during the day for a revision session despite it being the holidays, and then went to a McBusted concert with my friends Tonicha and Shannon and Shannon's boyfriend Tom! It was such a hilarious, nostalgic evening
11th: My parents came home, leaving them with one day to spend with my older brother before he moved to London on the 13th to start his new job! We went for an Italian at my favourite restaurant on the 12th and generally had a lovely family-time evening
16th: Glastonbury tickets resale and GUESS WHO GOT TICKETS AHHHHH I'm going to Glastonbury in June with my best friend Rebecca!!
17th: I was meant to be responsible for looking after my little sister who didn't want to go camping with everyone else for the night but she decided she was too bored and lonely and mum ended up having to come and get her at 10pm, oops!
18th: My dad went to Venice with his family for his 50th birthday on the 20th (I was invited but couldn't go because I had to revise *sob*) and my brother left for a two week work trip to India! Did I mention I was stuck at home revising?!
24th: We had a quiz night at school and yes, our team name was Bucks Quiz which is possibly my second favourite team name ever - first being 'You're a Quizard, Harry'!

And that was just a quick glance at a few of the things I have done this month!
What have you gotten up to? Let me know!

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