Friday, 15 July 2016

Brindleyplace Film Festival 2016

Living in Birmingham now, it feels like there's always something fun and exciting going on - much more than when I lived in the countryside! If I'm honest, one of the number one ways I find out about things going on around here is through Facebook ads for places based on location and yesterday I found one for a Film Festival happening in a part of town that we live quite close to, and as I had a friend from home up and we were looking for something to do, we decided to head down and give it a go.
For those of you who don't know Birmingham, Brindleyplace is a really nice area near the NEC and the canal, with a lot of big businesses having fancy offices in the area and a lot of restaurants/bars too. In general it's a really lovely part of Birmingham - really not somewhere you'd expect if you've not visited the city before!

In the middle of Brindleyplace there's a square with patches of grass and some trees dotted around and here's where the film festival took place. There was a big screen set up in front of some steps and people just wandered over and sat down wherever they felt like, as the whole event was free! The screen was big enough that you could see it from wherever you sat, and I even saw people sitting outside of some of the restaurants so they could watch while they ate.

We went to see Les Mis, which is one of my favourite films and musicals anyway so it was pretty much guaranteed to be a lovely evening. As the film started at 6, it was quite a nice time to sit and eat whilst watching it and meant it was finished relatively early - therefore it didn't get too cold sat on the ground! There's a Wagamamas around the corner so we went and got a take-out and sat down with a blanket, ate and watched a film. What more could you want from an evening really?

All in all, it was such a lovely way to spend time and I still can't believe it was a free event - I definitely would have paid for a ticket to go! I thought I'd write a quite post about it in case any of you happen to be in the Birmingham area, as the festival is running until the 21st, showing a variety of classically British films so it's definitely worth visiting if you have the time!

Have you ever been to an outdoor cinema before? What did you think?

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful evening! I'm from Birmingham so I'm gutted I didn't hear about it.

    Sarah xo // See The Stars


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