Saturday, 27 February 2016

To The Gym!

For the past year and a half or so, going to the gym has been a fairly staple part of my routine. Sure, some weeks I may end up there 4 times and others I may skip going altogether, but it's something I at least think about doing every week. For a bit of background, I'm useless at every sport ever invented and until I started going to the gym, I did no exercise whatsoever so it's been quite important for me to focus on it, as I like to stay in fairly good shape!

Before I went to uni, I was going to a gym in the town where I went to school with a guy that I was dating at the time, and I absolutely loved it. I couldn't imagine how anyone could ever not love going to the gym and would go as often as I could. But then this guy and I split up and then the gym was renovated around the same time and when it finally reopened, I hated it. I carried on dragging myself there about once a week because I was paying for it and it was good for me, but ultimately I just wasn't happy there so I decided to quit.
When I moved to uni I was so excited to join a new gym and get back into going, especially since there are so many people on my course and in my building who are really enthusiastic about going to the gym - more so the girls than the boys! But again, ultimately I just wasn't happy there but I had paid upfront for 3 months so I dragged myself along whenever I was up early on a Sunday morning and needed something to do. Sure, there was a lot of equipment and the walk there gave me a good opportunity to call my mum and have a catch up, but it just didn't feel quite right.
By that point, I was starting to feel quite silly and decided that the problem must have been with me rather than with these gyms I was going to, but then I joined a new one when I came home (after many a jokey comment from my family regarding the 10384050 lbs I put on at uni...) and instantly felt that connection with a gym again. I started trying new things and actually varying my routines, rather than just sticking to the same 4 machines. It really revived my workouts and I feel so much better for having made the change.
It sounds so silly but I do believe it's one of those things where you have to find a gym that's right for you. I'm busy with work most nights a week but I still try and find time wherever possible to go to the gym - what's even better is that it's a 24/7 one so I can go whenever I want! One weekend, I ended up in there between 11pm and 2am, just because I couldn't sleep and why not? 
It's a chain of gyms as well so for me, the best part is knowing that there is a gym close to where I live at uni as well so hopefully I'll have that same feeling of comfort when I go back to uni and it means I can go to the gym 24/7, all year round.
I think the message that I'm trying to get across here is that if you did the typical January thing where you joined a gym but now you're getting to the point where you just hate it and can't bear going anymore - why not try somewhere new? That might just not be 'the one' for you! 


  1. Honestly I've never liked going to the gym BUT I always like the feeling I get after I leave the gym lol. Sadly gym's in my city cost the absolute earth monthly so I've got absolutely no motivation to go. So proud of you though, fingers crossed you feel just as good at the one near uni. xx

  2. I used to go to the gym every day and I loved it - then shit got in the way and here I am 2093819374374 stone heavier. I'm hoping I'll get back into it this year! x



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