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February 2015

Hello everyone! Sorry for my lack of posts lately. If you follow me on Twitter (@MeganMcMahon022) then you'll have seen that I decided that I wanted to take a little break from blogging while I got my life sorted out a bit more and I can't say I'm quite finished doing that yet but there's a few end-of-the-month posts I can't help but do so here I am! Last month I decided that I would start a 'Month in Review' post and I got some pretty positive feedback from it so I decided to continue! It's actually really helped me to keep my calendar organised and actually encourage me to use it, which is always a good thing!

As always, my calendar is by Rob Ryan and this month, the quote says:
"Could you? Would you? Climb inside this tiny atom with me? It's quite cosy in here and not as small as you might first think!! In fact there's another whole world inside here as big as the universe itself!!!
The endless immensity of spaced used to fill me with an unsatisfied and fearful wonder. What mysterious power kept it all in place? Not I nor even the greatest scientist could figure it out.
But since I've moved down here with you to live amongst the protons and neutrons I have begun to feel a fantastic force of energy bussing all around me and I finally realised that the invisible power that holes the entire universe together is your love."

Combined with the beautiful designs Rob creates, I love this calendar as a centre-piece for the wall by my bed and it's something that I always get complimented on!

3rd: As some of you may know, I'm Head Girl of my school and as part of that, I have to organise the Prom for the end of the year so on this day we went to go and visit a venue we were interested in, to compare to a few we had already been to 
12th: Every year in the town I go to school, there's a speaking competition between the 3 main secondary schools. I'm quite involved in the public speaking sector in my school so I was intending to go along and support (I was told that I wouldn't be 'bothered' with any more requests to join in!) until I found out that someone dropped out at the last minute and I became her reserve! Sadly our school didn't win anything this year but it was still a fun evening all the same!

13th: It was national anti-bullying day and we all had to go into school wearing something blue - which was quite easy for me considering I swear my whole wardrobe is blue! I also got surprised by one of my best friends who I don't get to see very often as he came over for a visit and helped me babysit which was lovely, and he got to meet my dog Bilbo for the first time

14th: Ah, Valentine's Day! I actually did a whole post about what I got up to on 'Galentine's Day' here if you're interested in knowing more!

17th: Pancake Day is possibly my favourite day of the year and I was really disappointed because my family were away this year, until my good ol' dad invited me over to his house so he could make me pancakes instead! I prefer my pancakes smothered in lemon and sugar - I find nutella to be way too sickly!

18th: I had a girlie night in with one of my oldest and best friends Antonia, where we drank a lot of wine together and watched GBBO and EastEnders, which I don't normally watch but that one episode prior to finding out who killed Lucy really had me hooked and I made sure to catch up on the one from Thursday so I knew!

19th: For Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive a pair of tickets to go and see Wicked in Bristol, which myself and my best friend Sophie went to go and see. We had such an amazing time and the show was so hilarious! If you want to know more of what I thought, I did a whole review on the night here

23rd: Sadly the 23rd meant the end of half term and returning to school, where I had the deadline for the first draft of my last ever piece of English coursework, which is a bit of a scary feeling! 

26th: We had shown an interest in a prom venue many months ago and finally we were given a deadline by the venue by which we had to give them an answer and we did - we finally booked our prom venue! This is where all the real hard work and planning starts coming in!!

What have you done this month? Let me know!


  1. Wow, what a busy month?! March is my busy month this year - from college open nights to concerts - yey!
    Enjoy March :D

    Alice x

    1. Haha thanks Alice but I don't think February was that busy in comparison to most months for me! I swear I always have something going on!! Sounds like you have a fun month ahead - enjoy! x


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