Saturday, 1 August 2015

Week In Outfits #1

I've had a fairly busy week this week doing a little bit of everything so I wanted to share what I've done on here, but I haven't really taken many photos of what I've been up to, so I thought I'd give you a little overview of what I've done followed by a picture of the outfit I wore!

Monday: On Monday I didn't do much during the day but in the evening, I went to the #AllInKitchen event in Bristol with my best friend Antonia - I'll try and post a review of it sometime soon! It was a really fun evening with lovely food and I actually won a game of poker?! Top: Vera Moda white shirt with a daisy pattern Jeans: Mint jeans from Peacocks
Tuesday: My mum finally convinced me to stop actually enjoying my free time and go to work to help her, so that's what the first outfit on the left was for! Top: Topshop jersey blue long sleeved top Jeans: Sainsbury's white jeans with a blue tile pattern. After work, one of my friends decided to come over and we went out for desserts (something that is quickly becoming a tradition of ours!) and a few drinks too so that's what the outfit on the right was for Top: Warehouse light blue layered cami top Jeans: New Look white stretch jeans

Wednesday: I was put on chaperone duty and went to see Inside Out with 4 10 year old girls! I have a few mixed feelings about the film so I may post a review of it sometime soon sharing my thoughts - I didn't love it as much as everyone else seemed to but either way, I did enjoy it. Afterwards, we went home and had one of my favourite meals - a birthday party buffet! Top: Fat Face white four leaf clover shirt (a present from my stepdad for passing my driving test!) Jeans: Boohoo navy jeans

Thursday: On Thursday it was another day in work but I felt like I wanted to look a bit fancier so I actually put on a skirt which is pretty rare for me. It was probably me least favourite day of the week, mainly because I was covering for someone who hadn't come in and had to do more of a manual task than one that actually challenged me mentally. On the plus side, I had to pay such little attention I managed to get through 4 episodes of Gossip Girl on Netflix at the same time! Top: Fat Face teal t-shirt Skirt: Boohoo grey patterned skirt

Friday: Yet another day at work! Maybe I lied when I said I had a busy week - it probably just felt that way because I was actually working! I felt like just wearing something comfy and casual so out came the leggings, the oversized top and the ponytail. Top: New Look patterned top Cardigan: H&M cream flowy cardigan Leggings: H&M black leggings

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