Thursday, 28 May 2015

Dainty Doll Cream Blush in 0003

I'll be honest when I say that I've never tried a cream blush before because they've never really appealed to me! But I've have this Dainty Doll cream blush in my collection for a while after ordering it by mistake and never returning it, and I've really been enjoying using it recently, partly due to the formula and of course partly due to the shade!

I would have included pictures of the blush on my cheeks in this post but I find that blush tends to disappear in photos so it didn't really show up enough to be worth including, and the photos didn't do the product justice!

The colour (which has the catchy name of 0003...) is a peachy pink that has quite a strong golden shimmer and is quite a lot like how I'd imagine Nars' Orgasm blush to be. I think it's a really flattering shade that would look good on a variety of skin tones as it warms up the complexion and adds a slight glow, although the shimmer does not transfer onto the face as much as it shows up in the pan.

As I mentioned, I've never tried a cream blush until this one so I'm not sure if this is how all cream blushes are, but this one is more of a cream to powder finish - and it's not that creamy to begin with! It's almost like a very soft powder in that you have to rub your brush/finger over the pan to get some payoff, whereas I would expect you to have to 'dip' your brush/finger into it with a cream. 

When applying it, I prefer to use a synthetic brush and at first it starts out quite sheer, but it can easily be built up to a more opaque colour which I think means it will suit more people, as you can choose what sort of payoff you want from it!

It's safe to say I'm glad I pulled this blush out of my stash, and may consider picking up some more shades in the future!

What are your favourite cream blushes? Let me know!

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