Monday, 9 March 2015

Sisterhood of the World

I was nominated by the lovely Karis to do the Sisterhood of the World tag, which is a bit like the Liebster Award, which I have already done here so check that out if you're interested for another post like this!

Thank and link the blogger who nominated you
Answer the ten questions you were asked
Nominate 10 other bloggers
Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer


1. What one beauty product would you recommend?
I will rant and rave about this until the cows come home - my Japonesque eyelash curlers! As someone who has long but straight lashes, they really are key to improving my overall make up look by opening my eyes and making my whole face seem brighter!

2. Who is your favourite blogger at the moment?
I've actually been really bad at keeping up to date with bloggers lately so I don't really know! My general favourite blogs can be found on my Favourite Blogs page (which admittedly I haven't updated for a while..) or look at who I've nominated below

3. What is your dream career?
If I could do absolutely anything in the world it would be the Secretary General of the UN because international politics has always been a huge interest of mine, however I'm fairly certain that the Secretary General can't be from a  country who is a permanent member on the Security Council unfortunately so that's my dreams ruined!
4. If you won the lottery, what would you buy?
It depends how much I win - I swear some people only win ~£20 from the lottery! If it was a considerable amount, I would buy myself a car and then probably save the rest of it. I would buy my parents a new house but my mum wants an old house and my stepdad doesn't so I can imagine it could cause too many family feuds if I did!

5. What was your first make up product?
A bright pink lipstick from 17 that actually has the most impressive staying power - it's better than any lipsticks I have now! Sadly that means I was walking around with a very bold, very pink lip on for a large part of my preteen years!

6. Which one celebrity would you meet right now?
Oh goodness, I don't know! I would love to sit down and have a chat with John Green for a while or if we're considering bloggers as celebrities then Fleur de Force maybe! I don't really buy too much into celebrity culture - the only genuinely famous person I can think of would be JK Rowling but I feel like it would be a waste of her time listening to me babble about how brilliant I think she is!

7. Favourite high street shop?
If we're talking online then I love H&M (not their delivery though!) but in store I seem to be wanting everything from New Look at the moment

8. What are two products on your wishlist right now?
Any of the Hourglass Ambient ANYTHINGS and Nars Sheer Glow foundation!

9. What is / was your favourite subject at school?
I bet that all of the bloggers answering this are going to either pick English or something Art/Design related but nope, not me - it's got to be Maths! It's easily the most rewarding subject and I love my class/teacher which always helps
(If you'd told me when I was younger that I would say I love A Level Maths then I would've thought you were beyond crazy....)

10. Who inspires you the most?
Most of the people around me! I like to surround myself by people who inspire me to be a better version of myself - that includes everything from the bloggers I follow on Twitter, so the people I sit with at lunch, to the old friends who I still make the effort with. There's some part of everyone that I want to incorporate as part of myself!

And now onto who I nominate...

My questions for you ladies:
1. What is your most-worn item of clothing?
2. Be honest - how many steps are there in your daily skincare routine?
3. Why did you start blogging?
4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
5. Have you started driving yet? If so, share a funny story with us about it!
6. What is your favourite thing about your blog design?
7. If you could only eat one type of chocolate for the rest of your life, which would it be?
8. What is the best thing that has happened to you so far today?
9. Guilty pleasure pass-time?
10. What's your favourite social media platform?

Have fun ladies!


  1. oh i love these questions and answers! i've clicked on everyone's blog you nominated too :)

    from helen at

    ps. win the rose gold GHD styler and hairdryer on my blog here!

  2. Loved these answers, really enjoyed reading it! :)

    Karis, x

  3. The NARs sheer glow foundation is on my wishlist as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

    1. I need to pop down to my local Nars counter and find out my shade aha! x

  4. This is such a fun tag! Your dream job is very inspiring :), hope you get everything you want in life. You seem like a truthful and kind person!!


    1. Aw thank you lovely, that's such a sweet comment! x


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