Monday, 22 December 2014

Treating Myself to Make-Up Brushes!

I was browsing eBay the other day looking for god-knows-what and I stumbled across these make-up brushes. Personally, I've never been one to invest in high end make up brushes as I think you can find some really nice ones on the high street (I'm looking at you, Real Techniques!) but even I found this set to be a complete bargain! Included in the set are 5 brushes, of which 5 of them are for the face, and 5 are for the eyes. I haven't tried out the brushes yet, hence why they look so pristine in these photos, but just from touching them so far they feel lovely and soft, but the brush itself feels more robust than I was expecting.

Included in the set are a rounded angled, rounded, a more pointed round, flat top and flat angled brushes for the face. They are all duo-fibre so they're especially good for cream or liquid products, but powders too! I think this is a really good mix of shapes and you can really do a whole face of make up easily with these brushes. 

The smaller brushes are of a similar shape - rounded, angled, a blending brush, a pencil brush and a very curious looking flat-topped brush. These brushes can be used for eye shadow, or they could be used for applying concealer to smaller areas of the face for more precise blending. I'm really looking forward to having a play around with them!
I'm sorry I didn't use the brushes before writing these posts but I was just so excited to receive them, I wanted to do a first impressions post right away!
I bought these brushes from eBay here on the 19th and received them today on the 22nd so I was really impressed by the delivery speed. The best part about this set is that you get all 10 of these brushes for just £6.99! I think it's an amazing set to pick up if you're new to the world of make up brushes as there's a real variety but without breaking the bank!
Do you have any recommendations for budget brushes? Let me know!


  1. I have an almost identical set from eBay! The quality is amazing for the price. It's definitely perfect for beginners :) x

    Angela // The Sunday Chapter

    1. For beginners, you can't go wrong with buying brushes off eBay - such great value for money! x

  2. Those brushes look great, I'd like to hear what you think about them after you use them :) xx

    1. I've used them once so far and I'm pretty impressed! x


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